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Stray Thoughts for a Monday

Good morning all! A couple of months ago I said I wanted COLOR in my back yard so in went some roses and a yellow bells in a pot. This morning I have color and it is glorious! Spirit-lifting glorious!

I especially need this as I am working on a large piece at present which is many shades of dark - black, brown, burgundy, as it is a cityscape backlit by a sunset. It is also composed of about a million little pieces to create the architecture. To make it a little more difficult, the signage is faded and also dark so I've been researching historic photos just so I could see what was once there. Here's the original photo taken by me in August, 2020:

And here's the historic photo:

And here's my latest progress photo:

It's not quite to the ugly messy stage yet but it's approaching. That's the stage where I start doubting myself and wondering why in the world did I ever want to do THIS scene? But it's okay, I've been here before. Plan right now is to have it ready to quilt by August and complete by September. Ha. We'll see. But goals are a worthy goal, right?

Thought for the day: You can't sail off to new lands unless you leave the shore. You're either wet or dry. So just for me, toes are in the water.

Love and joy, LeAnn

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