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No, I'm not moving out of my house but "move" means to me getting in motion. As some of you may know, my dear husband Rick passed away August 24, 2022, five months ago as of yesterday. My creative self shut down for quite a while, what I call my "picture head".

My normal state of being includes lots of pictures in my head, something which keeps me entertained and which I probably developed living on the farm in quite an isolated and lonely childhood. I won't go into the details of that because it's not important now but I think it helped me to develop a very active and visual inner life.

With the care giving and trying to marshall medical resources, came a lot of urgency and anxiety, neither of which are conducive to creativity for me. Ultimately, Rick did leave us and now I am reconstructing and my brain is in a rewiring phase.

Happily, the picture head is re-emerging, enough to enable me to continue work on my latest piece, Marie, which is now off the design wall and being quilted. And that makes me feel so much better!

Hope you all have a great day!


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