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As a girl in rural Nebraska, I had an abundance of humble materials - dirt, mud, sticks, corn and trees.  Holes in the dirt became houses to be decorated and my mother's sewing scraps became doll clothes.  A grandmother who quilted and mother who sewed were integral to my love of textiles.   

In recent years, I moved from traditional quilting to art quilting, using my own photography to create a mix of visual and tactile approaches to interpret a story through fabric.  Although largely self-taught, early classes in Color Theory and Interior Design were useful.  My foray in my twenties into oil painting was also instrumental in my education in color.

Although I never aspired to be a teacher early in my life, I found that teaching quilting, my passionate adventure in color and textiles, was personally inspiring to me.  I now teach only what challenges me or as a wonderful social outlet with dear friends, existing and new.

I now live in Arizona with my dear husband Rick, one dog and one cat.  We are fortunate in having one son, three daughters, a granddaughter and many grand-pets.


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