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Making Clouds

There is a certain amount of alchemy in what we art quilters do. For example, how do I portray vapor in such a solid medium as fabric? If I was a water colorist I would add water to my paint. I can't do that to fabric so .... there has to be an illusion involved. So maybe I need to become a bit of a magician.

I can't say that I have succeeded yet although I have spent several weeks trying (so far). But I have really enjoyed SEEING them again the way I did when I was a girl lying on a grassy hill and staring up at the sky. Then, I saw figures in them, saw the way they traveled, the speed of some days, the lazy rolling of them on other days. It's a lesson in imagination to study clouds.

These days I am studying them to look for SHAPES because that's the first step in transforming fabric into the illusion of something else. Next will be value. But you can't get to the second without grasping the first. So today I am looking for shapely clouds or cloudy shapes or something like that.

A great day to look at the sky in wonder.

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