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Some days it seems there are just too many choices to make and not enough direction in how to make them. My little pup Joey was whisked off to Nevada by a rescue group who had originally picked him up off a street and who still had them listed as owner on his microchip. I went through all the requirements to adopt the little booger two and a half years ago and I thought I was the owner, but the vet he was taken to after his escape attempt (where he managed to lose his collar and ID tag) wouldn't release him to me. There's a lot more to the story but I'm trying to decide whether or not I am going to give up the efforts to get him. I really did get caught up in some nefarious stuff by rescue groups and I want to get clear of them as soon as possible. He's safe and in a foster home right now so I have a minute to consider it all.

One of the problems is the little guy is an escape artist - he's taken off at least 5 or 6 times since I've had him and that's despite the fact that he is extremely bonded to me. His doggie instinct to explore just overcomes him. I don't know if you can train a dog out of that, I've read different opinions on it. I remember as a girl in Nebraska my dad saying that once a dog ran wild you couldn't get him back as a domesticated dog. In those times and that area, these wild dogs would pack up and kill livestock and for farmers, that was part of his livelihood and couldn't be tolerated.

So my upset over this has really interrupted my creative flow. Does that happen to you? Or are you able to push through and keep creating?

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